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About DS Vocology

DS Vocology is revolutionizing vocal education by providing quality vocal instruction to anyone who needs or desires it. Anytime. Anywhere. 
DS Vocology believes everyone should have easy access to vocal training and development and that quality education should be available at any location and at a price that suits a variety of budgets. With several ways to get involved with the VocalizeU program, singers are no longer limited by lack of funds or remote location. Singers can learn from our app, from one of our online VIP teachers, or by coming to one of our live events. Our patented technology provides unparalleled vocal evaluations and workouts to further develop a person’s singing and musical skills. Singers can augment their VocalizeU app experience with live online lessons from our certified VIP teachers. For those wanting to be even more involved, performance finesse and star quality can be honed at our live Artist Events. Thanks to VocalizeU, a girl in the far reaches of China can study Western pop, a boy in small US town can study musical theater, or a top 40 pop singer can warm up before their show in Australia! With VocalizeU, anyone who wants to sing better can...


Our Team is made up of talented singers, programmers, and business people.

Here’s Dave, Our CEO

Dave Stroud CEO

Here’s Fawna, Our COO

Fawna Asfaw COO

Here’s Joti, our business head

Joti Mangat Business Development

Here’s Dani, Our veep

Dani Collins VP Product Development

Here’s Louis, our chief programmer

Louis Tremblay Head Software Engineer

”VocalizeU is an ecosystem that connects singers to other singers, virtual and live education, and live events. When a student buys the app, comes to a VocalizeU event, or works with a VIP Teacher, they become part of a family of singers and teachers who all share the same goals. VocalizeU is the framework that provides the guidance, mentorship, and support, as well as life-long friendships, that singers need.”  
Dave Stroud - Company CEO

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The VU Vocal Program

VocalizeU is a family of products designed to help people learn to sing and improve their vocal technique, so they can concentrate on being the artist they want to be. The VocalizeU program is for both amateur and expert, young and old, and has something for every level of singer. Whether you use VU to warm-up or workout your voice, get online teaching from our VIP Teachers, or attend one of our live events, VocalizeU delivers top quality vocal music education to all of it's students.

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