VU is jam packed with tons of classes to choose from; songwriting, guitar, vocal identity, performance technique, dance, production, and more.

Available on campus all 10 days, our mentors are dedicated to helping you hone your craft and develop your artistry!


You will mix & match four courses from the following subjects to stick with for the 10 days. 

You will pick your courses on the first day of the event. You do not need to pre-select your courses.

VU 2022




The key to succeeding in business is to understand how it works – especially the music business. Designed with the career musical artist in mind, a realistic, detailed look at the wide range of income that can be earned at all career levels as songwriters, producers, performers, recording artists. Courses introduce emerging artists exploring pursuing a career in the music industry to legal foundations, the roles of the various professionals and businesses they will encounter on their journey, and the relationships between them.



There is no music industry without music! Techniques are explored in multi-genres of songwriting, co-writing, and how a writing session works. Learn how to take a story and turn it into a captivating song for yourself, another artist, or for movies and television. Past courses include “Pop Songwriting”, “Co-Writing”, and “Songwriting & Storytelling”.



Learn everything from creating your own home studio, to what it’s like to record in a large professional studio setting. Covering equipment knowledge, recording software, microphone placement, creating a basic mix, and studio etiquette, we will have you ready to start making your own demos, and the confidence to walk into industry studios. 



Our coaches understand it takes more than a great voice to be an artist. Everyday, your personal vocal coach will work with you one-on-one and in classes to develop your range, style, image, and creative potential, while sharpening skills when it comes to musically directing your own performance or recording projects. Past courses have included “Vocal Identity”, “Stage Boss”, “Sing Off: Acapella Groups”, and “Background Vocals”.



From stage presence, to emotional connection and dance, you'll get the best of the best in performance coaching from the industry's top choreographers, movement teachers, and mental performance coaches.

Past courses have included “Movement for Singers”, “The Mental Side of Performance”, and “It’s ALL About You: Live Performance” 



Learn from actors and directors from Broadway and Disney, touring performers, dancers from your favorite shows! Topics explored include auditioning, vocal expectations, dancing skills, what casting directors look for, how to nail the role, song selection, etc. Build skills in quick memorization, sight-reading, solid musical theatre singing (mix and belt), and individual and group choreography.