Get ready for a true artist experience! 

Artists will have the opportunity to perform one song and will be accompanied by a full live, professional band consisting of top industry musicians and that have toured the world.


Our stage has all industry quality lights and sound to create an amazing experience for both the artists and audience. Each performance comes with a professional four camera video and photography. 


After each show singers will receive valuable feedback and constructive critiques about their performance, vocals, song selections, and more from a panel of industry professionals and guest mentors!



Choose one song to perform with the band.

Originals highly recommended!

Our advice is to choose a song you already know well, and that you feel best represents who you are as an artist. 


Complete this form and make your payment.

Each artist is required to pay a production fee for their performance. 

This fee covers the band rehearsal and performance, lights and sound crew, the video team, and photographer.

Songs must be submitted in MP3 format and have the arrangement you intend to be played live, no tracks or last minute changes, no exceptions.

Absolutely no profanity or sexual content will be permitted.


Get ready to make your VU debut!

Get ready to show off your artistry! 

It's important to realize how different and exciting singing with a band can be. Knowing your song extremely well is vital, so make sure to practice, practice, practice! Write out lyrics, use a karaoke track, and sing in the mirror! 

We want you to show off who you are as a performer, but keep in mind VocalizeU is a mixed ages program. There will be minors in attendance of every night’s show.

Absolutely NO profanity or sexual content, including performance outfits will be permitted.